The work we have completed allows us
to position ourselves as experts in industrial business!

Underwater inspections

Class in-water survey and inspections to postpone dry-docking, sales/purchase, damages evaluation, etc.

Repair & cleaning

We are mainly specialized in permanent and temporary underwater repairs approved by the main Classification Societies.

New Hullwiper-ROV

New underwater hull cleaning services in Algeciras Bay

Who we are

The working team and technology allows us to position ourselves as experts in underwater works

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TRABAJOS SUBMARINOS DEL ESTRECHO, S.L. (TSE) is a young company established in July 2006. It is based at Algeciras and operates in Spain and the North of Africa (Ceuta). The company has been set up by highly qualified diving professionals with over 21 years of proved experience in different kind of underwater naval works and principally specialized on underwater surveys, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, underwater repairs, salvages and azimuthal thrusters replacement.


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Our Works

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Our certifications




What we do

Visual, photographic and cctv-monitor coverage with divers to surface communication system and full hull technical written divers report complete with dvd format video recording.
“Permanent” and “Temporary” repairs to cracks, metal fissures, collision impact damages, corrosion pitting holes and defects in shell plating by means of insert plates.
The polishing is carried out with high revolution hydraulic engine brushes and using “3M” diamond discs of different densities.
These underwater cleaning operations are carried out by hydraulic tools and using different type of brushes.
Echo-sounder replacement, speed-logs and other navigation aid underwater devices, salvage operations, etc.