Safety reinforced cofferdam

On November 2010 and berthed alongside Port of Motril (Spain),  TSE diving team proceed to prepare and installing a safety reinforced cofferdam together with a temporary afloat repair of the collision damages hole on the general cargo vessel of 5.570 DWT.

Close-up underwater cctv-video inspection together with Owners Superintendent and Class involved representatives were taken in order to determine the dimension of damaged located on starboard side nº 2 HFO tank between frames 26 to 33 and taken measurement in order to fabricate one open safety reinforced steel cofferdam.

Technical divers prepared one hand-made steel template structure of 5 meters length x 3 meters high in order to fabricated the reinforced open structure cofferdam.

TSE diving team preparing and supporting the fabrication of the reinforced steel cofferdam of 5 meters length x 3 meters high x 1 meter wide x 5 mm steel plates with appropriates reinforced beams and fitting the gasket foam of 50 mm x 45 mm.

Divers welders prepare the surface shell plating in order to welder of a total 3 in number certified steel rings to secure the open reinforced cofferdam and 2 in number steel dogs in order to placing and secured the cofferdam with a total of 5 in number chain-blocks of 2 tons each.

In two hours divers placing satisfactory the open reinforced cofferdam and by means of electrical pumpsd divers removed the sea-water inside the open cofferdam and confirm the dry atmosphere to start with the internal afloat repairs.


After approx 24 hours non stop of internal temporary repairs and approved by Owners Superintendent and Class in attendance, divers removed the open cofferdam and carried out a close-up inspection of double welded plates covered the total length of the damaged area as per a completely satisfaction of Owner´s and Class surveyors.

Internal repairs was concluded and confirmed approval of “permanent” repairs were satisfactorily concluded to a satisfaction of DNV Surveyor and Owner´s Superintendent.


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