TSE provides the shipping industry with underwater hull maintenance services together with comprehensive technical diving written reports.

We receive contracting enquiries via Ship Owners / Managers and/or respective World- Wide-Agents and/or respective local Shipping Agents, both locally and overseas.

The primary role of TSE  is to carry out the In-water Surveys together with cctv-video cameras and still digital photo systems in order to assess the general hull condition. Most of the In-water diving surveys are performed as conducted by Classifications Societies to extend the “In-Lieu of Dry-Dock” periods and also for change of Ownership sales-purchase, insurance purposes, evaluation of damages, etc.


Although TSE also carries out surveys to assess fouling, paintwork condition, hull damages evaluation prior to recommending repairs methods, etc., surveys may also require other tasks such as taking rudder pintle clearances, tailshaft weardown readings and NDT testing for plates thickness, etc.


Cctv-video, visual and/or still photographic inspections are coverage with divers to surface communication systems.

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