• Supervision, control and removal of azimuthal propellers.

• Echo-sounder replacement, speed-logs and other navigation aid underwater devices.

• Sealing of suction grids by means of safety waterproof plywood plates together with rubber foam and sea discharge by means of tapered wooden plugs during replacement or repairs of valves, pipes, filters cleaning, etc.

• Tail-shaft and rope-guard sealing by different methods for internal repairs and oil leakage prevention.

• Sacrificial anodes replacement to avoid corrosion of the submersed hull structure.

• Ultrathermic oxy-arc cutting electrodes to cut-off defective bilge keels sections, shell plating, steel wires/cables, anchor-chains, rope-guard, etc.

• Salvage operations.

Our entire service offer can be carried out both at anchorage or berthed and whilst the vessel is carrying out another activities such as bunkering, supplies, repairs, etc.

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